Product Description

Silver mirror

1.Made of high quality  float glass. 2. Double coated paint(from FENZI) 3. Exact image, high reflectivity, reflection ratio is about 90%. 4. The mirror can be made into safety mirror through sticking special PE film in the backside (both CATI and CAT......

Safety mirror

Safety mirror with vinyl back,  is produced by attaching an adhesive PE or PVC protective plastic film on the back of mirror, glossy film CAT Ⅰ and Woven Fabric CAT Ⅱ is available. It can prevent people from being hurt while mirror breaking. Thi......

Aluminium mirror of sheet glass or float glass

Based on sheet glass or clear and tinted float glass, Back painting: single or double painting, color includes grey, green, yellow, white etc as customers’ request. Deep processing, can be cut into any size and any shape. Polished edge processing, r......

Float glass
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