Aluminium mirror
Aluminium mirror of sheet glass or float glass

Based on sheet glass or clear and tinted float glass,
Back painting: single or double painting, color includes grey, green, yellow, white etc as customers’ request.

Deep processing, can be cut into any size and any shape.
Polished edge processing, round edge, flat edge and beveled edge, etc.
Application: cosmetic mirror, bathroom mirror, dressing mirror, or home ,club decoration

sheet glass mirror- 1.3mm,1.5mm,1.8mm,2.7mm-5.7mm, etc.
Float glass mirror -3mm,4mm,5mm, 6mm etc.

 600x900,700x1000,1830x1220mm,914/1830x2440mm,1650x2250/2440mm,3050x2134/2250mm, 3300x2134/2250mm, 3660x2134/2250/2440mm etc. or sizes requested.

Float glass
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