Silver mirror
Silver mirror

1.Made of high quality  float glass.
2. Double coated paint(from FENZI)
3. Exact image, high reflectivity, reflection ratio is about 90%.
4. The mirror can be made into safety mirror through sticking special PE film in the backside (both CATI and CATII are available) .
5. Deep processing, can be cut into any size and any shape.
6. Polished edge processing, round edge, flat edge and beveled edge, etc.

         Color: clear, dark green, dark blue ,bronze, f-green, f-blue etc.
         Back painting color: green, grey, yellow etc.
 Thickness:-2mm, 3mm,4mm,5mm, 6mm etc.
   Size: 1830x1220mm,914/1830x2440mm, 1650x2250/2440mm, 3050x2134/2250mm, 3300x2134/2250mm, 3660x2134/2250/2440mm etc. or any cut size as request
Application: Furniture, decoration, bathroom mirror, car rear-view mirror etc.


Float glass
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