15mm-19mm low iron jumbo glass
15mm-19mm ultra clear flat or curved tempered jumbo glass

15mm-19mm low iron (ultra clear, super white ) flat or curved tempered Jumbo glass

Teckson Glass can supply you Jumbo Glass, which is also called oversize glass,
it can be arranged to produce specially according to your requested size,
for your mordern buildings curtain wall use. Can be tempered glass for your safety thinking.

 The low iron glass contains Fe2O3 less than 150ppm.

Max Size: 15-19mmm x18000x3300;

Today, different curtain wall systems allow the entire building exterior to be covered with glass.

To cover nonvisible areas a socalled spandrel glass is used. Spandrel's primary function is to

cover materials or construction elements from being viewed from the exterior of the building.

Examples of such areas include areas between floors, hung ceiling areas, kneewall areas below

 vision lights, and sometimes even columns or partitions.
    Aesthetically, it can be applied in two ways. One is to contrast the appearance of the vision panels

through the use of color, while another is to match it with the vision area, so that from the outside

the structure maintains a uniform glass skin making it virtually impossible to distinguish where the

 start and finish of the window and wall. When trying to create an exterior uniform appearance colors

and the optical properties of the vision area glass must be considered. As for the different lighting

conditions behind the spandrel and other factors, it is practically impossible to obtain a perfect match,however paying attention to details usually produces greater uniformity.


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