Laminated glass
Laminated Glass
1) Laminated glass, also called multi-layered glass
2) Made of high quality common glass of various specification or be structured
with such glass as laminated, tempered, coated and low-E coating glass, creating
a better effectiveness of it
3) It has a lower U value 25W electricity will be saved by using one square meter of it
4) A better sound proof will be achieved when the glass is used, reducing noise
of about 30dB
5) Laminated glass possesses a great deal of advantages such as energy saving, soundproof, safety and condensation proof
6) Widely used in building industry, train and ship
GLASS COLOR clear, dark blue, f blue, dark green, f-green, dark bronze, euro-bronze , grey etc.
PVB colorclear, milk white, f green, f blue, bronze, grey, yellow ,red etc.
PVB thickness :,1.14,1.52mm etc.
THICKNESS: 6.38,8.38,10.38,12.38,6.76,8.76,10.76,12.76mm
SIZE914/1524/1830x2440mm, 2000x1500mm,3300x2134/2250mm,3660x2134/2250mm etc.
Door and windows, bus station, airport banks and show rooms, car windows and ships,
furniture and interior decoration, bulletproof or theft prevention windows etc
Float glass
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